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About Us

The Ragdoll Palace is a TICA registered Cattery and we are extremely passionate about the cats that we care for. Adhering to the British Ragdoll Cat Club rules and regulations, we take great pride in providing a loving and caring environment for our cats which is cage free and as close to their future home as you can imagine, so that all of our babies are well conditioned and experienced before embarking off on the next chapter of their lives! Each kitten is carefully monitored and given the best care to ensure they are healthy and happy, as well as given the highest quality of food such as Hills Science Plan and Royal Canin so that they have the best start in life.

We also strive to ensure that each of our kittens goes to a home where they will be cared for and loved for life, which is why we like to meet our new owners to get to know them. Our goal is to bring joy to our new owners by providing them with a healthy and beautiful kitten that is sure to bring happiness to the home.

Like most Breeders, we do not do it for the money. It is our passion seeing tiny helpless deaf and blind kittens grow up into minature cats with the help of their loving and caring mummies, and a little push from us of course! Having hand-reared a few of our litters we know first hand how rewarding and extremely difficult this can be, but in the end when you know they are all safe, healthy and in new loving homes it makes all the sleepless nights worth it!

You truely will not find a Breeder more loving and caring then ourselves. Taking one of our kittens means that we will have contact for life and be on hand to offer advice and, of course, accept all of the growing up pictures we love so much! Every one of our kittens are vet checked several times as they are growing up as well as being fully vaccinated, microchipped, wormed, recieve a full health certificate from our vets, come with 4 weeks free insurance with PetPlan and their full Pedigree Papers with TICA.


The Breed in a Nutshell

Ragdolls, like the name, are famous for being characteristically floppy and docile. Although big and fluffy like a lion, their temperment is far from it and they are classed as the most sweet and kind natured cat breeds which are perfect for both first time and cat experienced owners looking for a new companion. Our main mission is to keep the clean lines and healthy pedigree of the Ragdoll breed, which has in the past been tarnished by backyard breeders.

Ragdolls should be kept indoors as they are such a trusting breed to ensure their safety. They are one of the few pedigree breeds that can come in all different colours and patterns depending on the sire and dam line, which is why it's very important to research in advance before taking the plunge.

Alongside keeping up a healthy and protein rich feeding regime, Ragdolls also need to be groomed regularly to ensure that their coats keep lovely and soft and shiny - with a great mane comes great responsibility! Ragdolls are pack animals and very much enjoy running around and playing with a brother or sister when not sleeping on their human's lap or having a bath in the sunlight. 

In a nutshell, Ragdolls are great for everyone. They do not shed as much as other long haired breeds, are great with children, other cats or alone and do not meow like other breeds, instead they will squeak or trill to let you know of their presence. Remember, all pets are for life so make sure you do your research before enquring! 


All of our kittens come with 4 weeks free insurance with PetPlan, which can be extended to your main insurer when your wee one is home with you. It is imperative that you get insured to prevent costly vet bills in the future from illness or injury. Although we never wish illness or pain on our pets, it is important to be prepared in case anything was to happen.

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