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*Updated April 2024 - We are waiting for Willow to go into heat so that she can fall pregnant, our kittens will be ready in August all being well!*

We do not currently have any kittens available however if you would like to join our waiting list please complete our contact form or email us to register your interest.

Despite other opinions, we do not agree with purchasing Kittens before they are born however if there is a particular type of kitten - blue mink or blue point, which you are saught after we would be more than happy to keep you updated with potential matings and give you advice on reputable breeders nearby if we cannot help you at this time!

Please remember that Kittens, although cute and small, grow up to be big cats that need lots of attention, love and are expensive so please make sure that you have a space for that commitment in your family.

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